Our reports are in depth with 40 plus different things we check and do. We do our very best to note everything that you as a snowbird owner would want done. Quite often we cover items that you might never think of but we make you aware of..That's our job..

Every thing we do at your home comes with a digital photos. Its our job to show you that the job we do is actually being done. For your protection and ours we back everything up..

Each and every visit to your home depending on square footage will receive between 35-70 digital photos. We check and make sure that landscapers and pool service providers are doing what you pay them to do. Inside photos of running all the water facilities and checked with water thermal detectors, water pails, filled, running the car, picking up the mail, checking each room for bugs or leaks, toilets flushed and bleached, thermostats checked, bug pads laid down as added pest protection, property checked for irrigation leaks, plants watered if needed, weeds are sprayed in the front only, junk and garbage removed from door and front lawn area, front entrance door area blown out of dust, dirt and debris water meter checked gas meter, electrical panel, irrigation box all checked.. We want you to feel that real peace of mind. I go the extra mile when others go inches.....